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$9,015.48 -4.39%
Ethereum -22.53
$228.74 -9.85%
Litecoin -7.69
$63.49 -12.12%
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$0.24 -9.74%

AlienCloud ALS

Token sale completed on 17 April
Goal: ---
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AliensCoin – utility coin for AlienCloud platform. AlienCloud is not a startup. We build comfortable united platform for miners, traders and investors. Aliencloud now has functionality: cryptoexchange, cloud mining, IEO, contests for traders, mobile applications (beta, download from main page), payments from bank cards, cryptoindexes (beta). We build in future: 1) Alien Chain – own blockchain. 2) PAMM – accounts and trust management. 3) Own social network for traders and investors 4) DEX. 5) Masternodes plaftorm. 6) One account for Stocks&ETF, Currencies, Metals, Futures, Options, Funds, Bonds – buy all from crypto! 7) Shorts and margin orders. We plan to add bonuses for ALS holders: 1) discount for cloud mining. 2) the discount on the commission for exchange. 3) bonuses in the mining pool.

Token Sale: 16 April — 17 April
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$228.7432829 1.0000000 ETH 0.0253723 BTC
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