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AZ FundChain

Token sale completed on 20 May
Goal: $1,500,000
Launchpad STEX
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AZ FundChain is an accessible, transparent and reliable money circle and crowdfunding application

AZ Fundchain is all about banking & saving along with friends, families and your community.

ROSCA funding also known as money circles are growing every day. AZ FundChain is built to solve the problems in traditional crowdfunding and money circles. AZ FundChain is built on blockchain and runs completely decentralized.

Decentralization will eliminate the trust and absurdly high operating fee issues faced by ROSCA funding participants. The native AZ token will be the fuel of smart contracts that are being created within the platform.


AZ token is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum chain. There will ever be 30,000,000 AZ tokens. AZ token is a non-inflationary utility token. No other AZ tokens can be minted. Raised revenue from the transactions on the app will be used to purchase AZ tokens from the market as to diminish the total token supply and increase the value of the token.

Token Sale: 15 May — 20 May
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