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Bit Agro

Token sale completed on 31 May
Goal: $5,760,000
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Agrocoin is a cryptocurrency built on the decentralized Ethereum blockain. The maximum number of tokens is set to 600,000,000. It is a proven and fully adaptable technology and open source code providing secure, easy and fast transfers.

A larger number of tokens is both an opportunity to receive more attractive bonuses and the opportunity to use a wider range of services with more favorable rebates and lower commissions. However, everyone should decide individually how many Agrocoin should he or she buy.

About Bitagro Exchange

Bitagro Exchange is a global, Decentralized B2B platform for trade in agricultural products and food products, as well as attracting investments without restrictions on production geolocation. Registered suppliers and customers will be able to enter into smart contracts, create exchange transactions, share related information and track the history of food prices in different parts of the world. Each product will be classified in the registry and valued at Agrocoin.

Token Sale: 18 March — 31 May
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