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Banking, Cryptocurrency
Token sale completed on 31 May
Goal: $1,500,000
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About Cryptobuyer

As the adoption of Crypto continues to grow, the demand for access to Crypto will grow along with it. A world where people are free of traditional institutions to transact, and one where everyone equal access to the network. Cryptobuyer will help solve the problems that stand in the way of mass adoption by giving people a way to use their cryptocurrencies by providing merchants with PoS solutions, and providing the people access to a vast Crypto ATM Network that they can use to buy and sell.

Problems & Solutions

A major problem with most cryptocurrencies is that they have little to no real life use case. Most of the time, these cryptocurrencies are only used for purchase of another cryptocurrency or held in hopes of inflation. This has become one of the biggest hurdles in the crypto community, and is at the forefront of mass adoption.

Token Sale: 01 May — 31 May
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