Bitcoin -451.50
$8,835.59 -5.11%
Ethereum -25.48
$221.76 -11.49%
Litecoin -8.55
$61.28 -13.95%
XRP -0.02
$0.23 -10.36%
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Token sale completed on 15 July
$8,780,000 $18,000,000 48%
Launchpad BitForex, EXMO
Website Whitepaper

Roobee is an investment platform that allows you to fund in any projects with an entry threshold of 10$: users can invest in IPOs, ETFs, the venture capital investment market, real estate, cryptocurrency assets and much more. This project at the was supported by crypto-whale on pre-IEO stage he invested 4.5mln$ in the development of the platform. MVP is already working – the total amount of transactions in the Roobee network exceeded 15 million dollars, all the evidence is on the site ( The first round of IEO at Bitforex was closed in just over an hour, 100btc+ were raised. Thanks to the collected 4.5 million dollars, product is being developed and money in further IEO stages are raising for obtaining licenses and product scaling.

Token Sale: 18 May — 15 July
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